“Color make” tintometric system

Whatever colours you want

“Color make” tintometric system
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Thanks to our Color Make tintometric system our retailers can quickly and accurately make up a chart of over 15,000 colours.

The innovative and easy to use software , uses an enormous library, etting bigger all the time, with thousands of selections of colour charts both for interior and exterior use. And it is constantly growing!

Color Make is a professional system that uses universal colouring pastes VOC free, produced through a careful selection of hi-tech pigments capable of resisting outdoor exposire to UV rays and and natural chromatic degradaation: giving uyou intense and homogenous colours.

The pastes used in Color Make are highly concentrated, thereby optimising colouring costs.

A wide range of electronic or manual tintometric machines, technical kit like benchtop or portable spectrophotometers and colorimeters: thanks to Color Mode every retailer can get colours made to measure and thus fulfil every customer’s expectations!

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