color mode

Italian Flair

color mode

A workshop
of creativity
where ideas
become reality

When creativity and inspiration head in new directions where style, materials and creativity come together in a unique reality.

A team of technicians, craftsmen, designers all passionate about colours, in all its forms and potential.
And all thoroughly made in Italy : to the core: because the unmistakably Italian style is an asset to be proud of. Now and always.

Color Mode is the top brand for decorative paints for interiors in LEMColor, a historic Genoese maker of colours since 1949 specialising in the production of modern decorative paints, glosses and colours for interiors.

ColorMode history

Research and development

We explore the latest trends and innovations to discover and select new materials to be reinterpreted in combinations able to create highly aesthetic decorative effects.

Italian tradition

The world changes, and trends too change. We are always up to date with ‘the latest’ but without ever forgetting the taste and style which have always been, and will continue to be, associated with decorative wall painting

High quality finishes

Details make all the difference.
Details are what transform a simple wall into an artistic space, giving it a unique identity which can be emotive and surprising.

Productive technologies

We make paints and coatings which are at the technical forefront, an explosion of forms. Colours and emotions to be treated with an exceptionally high degree of attention and skill.

ColorMode finishes

color mode

Passion expressed through consummate craftsmanship

We like to listen to our customers and take on board their suggestions, demands and wishes. We enjoy helping architects, interior designers and applicators create unique environments to enrich people’s daily lives, by combining aesthetics and functionality.

Our specialists are committed on a daily basis to researching and producing special paints and glosses for interiors.

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Top quality

Our applicators: trained, assisted, supported professionals.

An exclusive product

available worldwide only at selected distributors.