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Decorative painting
with iridescent reflections and 3D effect

Panama Optical

PANAMA OPTICAL is a special decorative effect for interior walls with unique and unrepeatable three-dimensional effects, capable of creating surfaces in continuous motion.
Brightness and depth of designs suitable for a result with a strong personality, perfectly in tune with modern interior design trends.

To create with extreme simplicity scenic games of color that make every environment precious and unique.

Symphonies of reflections
and shades

Color Mode Panama Optical

Sensorial Experience:
perfect chromatic fusion
in a delicate and luminous embrace

Color Mode Panama Optical
Color Mode Panama Optical


Ready-to-use dense metallic liquid, very easy to apply.

  • Tools: Flat brush (Spalter)
    They can be cleaned with water after work.
  • Yield: 12–14mq/Lt
  • Dilution:should not be diluted – ready to use
  • Drying: 2 hours to the touch, 6 -12 hours complete surface drying


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How to prepare the walls:

  • remove any detaching part from the support surface.
  • consolidate the support with the acrylic primer Deco Fix.
  • after 12 hours apply one or two coats of Deco Primer FINE.

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How to prepare the fund:

  • apply evenly the Decoprimer primer (white or coloured, diluted), with a flat roller
  • for complete drying (about 6-8 hours) proceed with the application of the finish
  • Mix the paint carefully

Notes: the product is available in 6 color chart

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How to apply the finish:

  • apply the product using a double Spalter flat brush, so as to apply two colors simultaneously
  • apply the product by creating small squares of 1-2 square meters, realizing the desired visual effect. It is recommended to apply little product at a time, alternating brushstrokes in all directions
  • after application it is recommended to revise on the surface with delicate brush strokes to eliminate any possible trace of the brush

Notes: to avoid possible differences in tone during application, it is recommended to use the same lot. Store the product in the original packaging at temperatures between +8° and +30° C.



All specifications and application instructions

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