Particular interior painting
with satin effect


VELLUTO is a special decorative effect for interior walls that recreates the luxurious feeling of this antique and precious fabric.

The harmonies of delicate metallic reflections alternate in a continuous play of light and shadow, light and dark, for precious surfaces, beautiful to see and touch.

To give a refined brightness to any environment, both classic and modern

A warm
and comfortable

Color Mode Velluto

Sensorial Experience:
incredibly soft to the touch,
flexible and enveloping

Color Mode Velluto
Color Mode Velluto


Dense metallic liquid
– ready-to-use
– very easy to apply.

  • Tools: Flat brush (Spalter)
    They can be cleaned with water after work.
  • Yield:5–6mq/Lt
  • Dilution: should not be diluted – ready to use
  • Drying: 2 hours to the touch, 6 -12 hours complete surface drying

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How to prepare the walls:

  • remove any detaching part from the support surface.
  • consolidate the support with the acrylic primer Deco Fix.
  • after 12 hours apply one or two coats of Deco Primer FINE.

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How to prepare the fund:

  • apply evenly the Decoprimer bottom, diluted, with a flat roller
  • to complete drying (about 6) proceed with the application of the finish depending on the final effect you want to obtain

Notes: it is possible to color the product using water based or universal dyes

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How to apply the finish:

To obtain a damask effect:

  1. to perfectly dried support apply a coat of the finish with a roller with satin hair passing immediately on the surface with a marker/ spatula Flex
  2. it took 6-8 hours to apply the final hand with the same application technique described

To achieve a classic effect:

  1. with perfectly dried support apply a finish coat with stainless steel trowel or plastic spatula
  2. spent 6-8 hours applying a second coat of the finish by crossing the spatula in the various directions, working by sections above

To obtain a wave effect:

  1. Apply an abundant coat of product
  2. after 6 hours apply as before and immediately pass on the surface with a stainless steel trowel flat, iron type, creating the desired design
  3. if you want a stronger effect, brush the surface with a clean spatula to polish the finish

Notes: to avoid possible differences in tone during application, it is recommended to use the same lot. Store the product in the original packaging at temperatures between +8° and +30° C.



All specifications and application instructions

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