Metallic and pearlescent
sand paint


PANAMA is a special decorative effect for interior walls that creates a natural game of dark light and shades that recalls the sinuosity of desert dunes.
The movement of the sand joins the beauty of the pearls and its many cangianze, the precious shades of gold and metals, to reproduce unique images on the walls.

It illuminates any environment and can transform even imperfect or ruined walls in precious and refined corners.

Golden glows
between dancing sand

Color Mode Panama

Sensorial Experience:
sophisticated texture
with a strong material connotation

Color Mode Panama
Color Mode Panama
Color Mode Panama


Ready-to-use dense metallic liquid, very easy to apply

  • Tools:Flat brush (Spalter)
    They can be cleaned with water after work.
  • Yield: 7–8mq/Lt
  • Dilution: should not be diluted – ready to use
  • Drying: 2 hours to the touch, 6 -12 hours complete surface drying


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How to prepare the walls:

  • remove any detaching part from the support surface.
  • consolidate the support with the acrylic primer Deco Fix.
  • after 12 hours apply one or two coats of Deco Primer FINE.

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How to prepare the fund:

  • apply evenly the Decoprimer bottom, diluted, with a flat roller
  • to complete drying (about 6) proceed with the application of the finish depending on the final effect you want to obtain

Notes: it is possible to color the product using water based or universal dyes

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How to apply the finish:

To achieve the classic effect:

  • apply the product using a flat brush (Spalter) and roll out the finish by crossing the brushstrokes irregularly, in all directions and alternating movements
  • after about 20-30 min. rinse the decorated surface with the discharge brush, so as to remove the parts where more sand has been deposited

To obtain the layer effect:

  • apply the product with a flat brush and roll out the finish with oblique or vertical or horizontal brushstrokes proceeding in the direction chosen on the entire wall
  • after about 20-30 min. revise the part already decorated with the brush with the discharge of the product, in order to soften the stripes left by the brush

Notes: to avoid possible differences in tone during application, it is recommended to use the same lot. Store the product in the original packaging at temperatures between +8° and +30° C.



All specifications and application instructions

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